June 7, 2016 (Tue)
Job Qualifications: 

1) Relies on Engineering Department established guidelines and instructions to perform daily job functions.
2) Assists end users in resolving hardware and software issues by fielding telephone calls, email communication and technical reports.
3) Configure, maintains, tests and resolves issues related to computer system and local area network (LAN). Provides computer systems troubleshooting support to all department end users.
4) Installs, tests, monitors, upgrades, troubleshoots and repairs computer systems, networks (wired- wireless) and peripherals. Manages user account information, including rights, security and systems groups.
5) Maintains and operates computer systems or networks. Install, support and manages servers and resolves issues as needed. Installs patches and performs system backups and recovery. Monitors system configuration and maintains data files.
6) To always ensure the computer network connectivity (wired and wireless) bandwidth speed is functioning at peak efficiency.
7) Upload and downloads of data files via wireless file transfer protocols, internet-intranet user accounts and wired network peripheral equipment such as Hard Disk drives, USB, memory cards like SD, Micro SD and CF cards to name a few.
8) Ingest, consolidate, transcode image data files for Post-production application as well as data to tape transfer such as dub releases to tape formats like Betacam SP, HDCam SR and DVCam.
9) Routing or patching computer workstations going to its designated room assignments during operating runs.

Education and Experience
· Require a Computer Engineering degree or its equivalent and 1–2 years of relevant experience.
· Graduate of BS in Computer Engineering (BSCoE) course or related programs
· 1-2 years of experience in the field of Computer Engineering Technology.
· Proficiency in Windows base platform, understanding Mac or Linux is an advantage.
· Broad knowledge in using computer test equipment.
· Ability to design, builds, troubleshoot and operate computer system equipment and peripherals.

Email your detailed word or pdf format resume at hr@undergroundlogic.com or contact us for more information at 02-8936327.

Our office is located at G/F Electra House Building 115-117 Esteban St., Legaspi Village Makati City.
- Full-Time positions available.