June 7, 2016 (Tue)
Job Qualifications: 

Your demo reel will be reviewed by Department Heads and Supervisors. Please follow these guidelines:

1. Display your best work. Focus on your most recent works, your strongest skills and the works that are related to the position you are applying.

2. We would appreciate it if you could limit the run time to 3 minutes.

3. Please attach a PDF file of a DEMO REEL SHOT BREAKDOWN. (it should include thumbnails of each scene, company you've done it with, brief explanation of the tasks you handled, and the software/s used in each shot)

4. Email your RESUME, DEMO REEL, and SHOT BREAKDOWN to jobs@undergroundlogic.com. Please use the POSITION you are applying (CONCEPT ARTIST, LIGHTER, COMPOSITOR TRAINEE, EDITOR, FREELANCE WORK, etc) as the SUBJECT of your email.

5. If you prefer showing a higher resolution of your reel, you can also include in your resume the URL to your website or online reel/portfolio.